Age: 29
Height: 4'11
Dress Size: 12
Bust size: 34D
Hair Colour: Blonde/mixed
Eye Colour: Green
Nationality: Portuguese

About Me / Areas Covered


Imagine walking into the office and catching the eye of Valentina our flirty Portuguese dancer. She smiles at you - a mischievous smile full of promise - and you wonder what exactly that tight blouse and pencil skirt are concealing.

A beautiful, 29 year-old head turner who is as passionate as she is intelligent. The perfect girl to play out those late-night fantasies with, she'll slip into just about any role you can imagine. Personally, we enjoy the secretary - there's just something about the buttons on her blouse, straining and ready to be ripped open... Well, you can guess the rest!

As a bi-sexual lady, she enjoys nothing more then playing with a fellow female escort or a exploring couple.