How do we consistently attract the top elite Escort talent in the Region?

How do we consistently attract the top elite Escort talent in the Region?

Saturday 1st December 2018
Management Team - Pic is of Stitch the office dog!

The Escort market in Wales is fiercely competitive with many escorts vying for clients.

It is tough for new Agencies entering the market as it is so overcrowded and there is little scope to grow.

When new or existing Agencies bang on about offering quality not quantity this is often an excuse about failing to attract new talent! In this business you attract and retain new talent or you go to the wall.

So what do we do - On top of the critical practices of ensuring confidentiality and safety for everyone?

1. We stand out from the competition by not using either overly glossy standard bra and underwear pics usually photoshopped OR tacky selfies taken in someones bedroom or lounge.

This means that prospective escorts can see not only the diversity of our team in terms of size, ethnicity and other factors, but do not feel disempowered by 'escort fascism'. There are many tastes out there and we aim to meet them!

You don't have to be size 8.....Curvy is ok! can be older! Our pics are real. Disguised faces of course when requested by escorts but otherwise honest.

A client wants to say 'You look much better in real life' rather than bite their lip and think 'the lighting and editing were good that day!'

2. We actively encourage our team to talk to each other and provide support and assistance through our chat channels and regular get togethers.

2 of our ex escorts now on Reception can provide support required in addition to a firm but fair perspective, New escorts can often feel overwhelmed when they start and exisiting escorts may have felt bullied at previous Agencies or isolated.

We are all constantly learning and everyones development is highly valued. This means we always have to be authentic. Every interaction between management and escorts has to honest and supportive and it starts with management and with the first recruitment meeting.

3. We do not deceive anyone - escorts or clients about earnings, fees, rights and responsibilities As an Agency with a strong Brand, we have very distinct values and ways of operating which are lived by management and can be confirmed by every team member. Honesty, reliability, empowerment and being the best you can be - thats what we live! And we try not to diss the competition! That's sometimes tough when they copy our material and ideas!

4. Our escorts are self employed contractors. We cannot maintain our position as the high end Agency of choice without putting them first. We need the best talent as much as they need the best Agency! Creates mutual respect.

5. We do know our market and our clients. This means we usually make the right recruitment choices and work with Escorts who can become what we call Ambassadors. An experience with our team mirrors what we attempt to achieve as an Agency. The girl is the Agency. She is the Brand. What does that mean? Professional, welcoming, attitude free, easy on the eye, reliable service, honest approach, fun. All those things and hopefully reflected in our websites and management team.

6. Although we have more active escorts on our team than any Agency outside London, every girl has to enjoy their expected levels of earnings. This is the main reason for this choice of work after all. During both busy and quiet times, we communicate with everyone as if our lives depended upon it and when praise is due, you bet its given with gratitude!

Hopefully you have found this an interesting insight into our practices and approach as an Agency and can get how proud we are of our awesome team.

Quality? Simply put - 100%

Quantity? Simply put - No better elite choice in the Region!