Are Outfits and Roleplay high on your 'to do' list guys? - Read on....

Are Outfits and Roleplay high on your 'to do' list guys? - Read on....

Saturday 3rd November 2018
Management Team


We often get asked 'Do your girls have dressing up outfits?' Excellent question. After all there's no shortage of them available and they do have the rather pleasing advantage of inducing the wearer (and the watcher) into assuming personalities and situations that' are altogether sexier than real life. That's right - We are talking about roleplay.


Escorting in itself is a kind of roleplay. Most escorts work under assumed names and the role allows them to explore parts of their own personalities and preferences that they probably wouldn't dare reveal to anyone close. Just putting on sexy lingerie for the pleasure of a stranger can be an incredibly erotic experience - who was it who said that said 'erotic pleasure without love is sexier' Who knows - but they're right!.

Escorting for many women is already a fantasy - it's the opportunity to be someone else (or more yourself than you're ordinarily allowed to be), acting freely and without the judgements that inevitably come from loved ones and friends. But then pop on an outfit, introduce the notion of roleplay and you're kicking up the kink to a whole other level.


Dressing up in the bedroom has moved out of dark, dank little sex-shop basements and into the windows of the high street - it's not seedy any more. From Agent Provocateur to Ann Summers and Primark to a wealth of online shops and boutiques specialising in fantasy wear, there has never been more choice, or more acceptance of this fun, sexy little pastime. Wanna be a cheerleader for the night? There's an outfit for that. Or maybe a nurse? Cabin Crew? Taxi driver...? If you can think up an outfit or uniform to fetishize, we can pretty much guarantee it's available.


Oh yes! We actively encourage our VIP escorts to stock up their bags with sexy little outfits - and you guys just love them! From girly gangster to police officer and angel to devil, we've got the escorts in roleplay outfits to suit you. Our roleplay escorts are fun, open minded and love taking the lead when it comes to exploring your fantasies. Don't get me wrong, just booking our VIP escorts is a wild experience in itself, but if you're brave enough to request your ultimate fantasy outfit and dial up the dialogue for some no-strings-attached fun, our elite escorts are more than happy to oblige.

For the ultimate young party girl escorts and classy, mature companions, you need look no further than our team to make your dreams come true. Come join the party! Just give us a call and tell us what you need to rock your world.