Why do clients use our high end Agency?

Why do clients use our high end Agency?

Friday 2nd November 2018
Management Team

Most people hire escorts from agencies that specialize in the business, particularly if you are a first time client dipping your toe in the water or maybe visiting South Wales or Southwest England. The main pic by the way is Amber available to book by appointment.

There are many advantages to using a VIP agency such as ours.

VIP Agencies such as ours screen escorts for quality and only the best are accepted.

Not one of our team have a profile on the Adultwork website or work as independent escorts. Our team are all students or have a range of professional or other 'proper' jobs. Because of this, you can be sure that you will have a good experience with them.

With agencies, there are also the budget varieties as well as the premium varieties. Be careful while choosing agencies. The thing with agencies is that most things about them are standardized. They have a standard reply to all your questions, and they even have an FAQ on their website. When you contact a VIP Agency, they may ask you questions in order to determine your preferences. This serves both as a background check and a verification service. Some of the better escort agencies use your information to choose the right kind of escort for you, which leads to a better encounter with the escort.

Reviews and testimonials on an Agency website? Why are there NEVER bad reviews? Thats because most review sections on our competitor sites are FAKE. Written by managers to big up girls and feed the expectations\ of clients.

We only insert honest reviews and you will even find the very occasional poor review and frankly as we have the only money back guarantee in the UK we make damn sure our services are as high scale as possible - every single time.

Escorts from VIP agencies are also professional in their approach. They are usually briefed about you before they meet you, and they prepare themselves in every way according to what they have been told. A good relationship with an escort agency is also vital. Let the agency know anything that might make your booking more pleasurable. For example what you would like your escort to wear, what fetishes you may have etc.

Based on the information you give us we can match you with the perfect escort, every time.

Once you find a good escort agency, stay with them. There are good escort agencies and bad ones. Some escort agencies in Cardiff are notorious for using the bait and switch procedure! Bait and switch is setting up an appointment with any escort no matter which one you chose. A reputable escort agency will always setup a booking with the escort you have agreed upon.
Also most disreputable agencies have a gallery of fake profiles and pics, long since departed escort profiles or claim more escorts than the reality!

Every single profile on our sites are live and can be booked. Currently over 25 of the Regions top females.

Beware also of the 24/7 variety of Agency unless you are drunk or wasted and simply do not care who turns up on your doorstep.- usually a girl who is even more drunk and wasted than yourself! True Class!! Not!

We are proud that after 6 years of building a solid business, paying alot of tax and working hard every day to be the trusted best, we are rewarded with many dozens of great loyal clients! Come join the party!