Channel 5 Documentary FIRST TIME CALLGIRL aired on Channel 5 available on Catchup

Channel 5 Documentary FIRST TIME CALLGIRL aired on Channel 5 available on Catchup

Friday 2nd November 2018
Management Team

The recent television documentary First Time Call Girl that aired on Channel 5 provided a fascinating expose into the reality of Cardiff escorts (and featured our Agency) where self-employed attractive women are represented by escort agencies to provide companionship for clients.

The show explored how local Welsh escorts can earn a great deal of money each week and focused predominantly on an attractive ebony graduate named Alexis. After being interviewed by us, Alexis was given a brief overview of what her expectations would be and how she would be paid for her time. At a catch-up point in the documentary, Alexis indicated how "empowering" her new career made her feel; having men pay fees to spend time with her. Many escorts remark that working in the escort industry boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

The Welsh escort industry is particularly attractive to students and women in part-time work who enjoy the flexible working hours and the great earnings plus tips! The lifestyle can be very fast-paced with champagne-fueled rendezvous in exclusive hotels with VIP clients, international travel and accompanying clients to high-end events such as music concerts and sporting fixtures. The everyday reality is obviously more pedestrian but still enjoyable and full of great moments. Always noting that escort privacy and safety are paramount.

Our Agency provides screening of the clientele that ensures that unsuitable clients cannot get a booking with escorts which helps to remove any potential risks to the escorts' safety while drivers transport escorts safely and securely to and from appointments. Most of our clients are well known to the Agency and are honest, reliable and trustworthy guys.

We are always recruiting prospective escorts in the South and West Wales and Southwest England areas to ensure we offer a trusted high-end service. So apply to us via Whatsapp or email. You will always meet some of our team at interview to discuss what the reality is really like!!

We like to engage actively with media, university research projects and outreach surveys relating to researching the escort industry as we will not operate in the shadow economy on the strict basis that we adopt a policy of complete discretion relating to escort and client identities. As the largest and most successful Welsh Agency and with a high rate of escort retention. We are proud to be honestly trailblazing where others fear to tread.

Its amusing that our local competitors have used this revealing documentary to promote themselves and profit from it but do not have the moral integrity or confidence in their policies and practices to add value to their business by taking part in activities such as this documentary which reflect the reality of modern day escorting.

(Image features Ana one of the beautiful young professionals represented by us)